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3D Audio

The current state of the art in digital audio and desktop computing means that the real-time of rich

A Visual Programming Language for Algorithmic Music Composition by Non-Programmers

Algorithmic composition typically involves structural elements such as indeterminism, parallelism, a


The project is aimed at the application of media and knowledge technologies in a heath care context.


This system demonstrates a novel interation technique to support content-based image search in large


The goal of AFEL (Analytics for Everyday Learning) is to develop methods and tools to understand as

Agent-based real time drumming tuition??

How can a principled real-time conversational drum agent bed used to improve drum improvisation

Agile Research Network

As Agile methodologies mature and become mainstream it is important to understand what implications


ERDF Funded support for Accelerating Leadership Potential for High Achieving SMEs

Animal Computer Interaction (ACI)

The Animal Computer Interaction Lab seeks to advance the art and science of designing animal-centred


Video is a big part of the Web: we download billions of videos from YouTube every month, stream and


\'Watch the news while I was away and tell me what happened.\' This project combines a Video


Apollo is a user-friendly knowledge modelling application with a main goal of staying independent It


AquaLog is a portable question-answering system which takes queries expressed in natural language an

Architectures for scripted media objects

Developments in the underlying media technologies provide the potential for a new flexibility in the

ARIA/Go March

ARIA was a project sponsored by HEIF to develop a prototype for using Augmented Reality (AR) as a of

Augmented / Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality blends the physical and digital environments, enabling graphics, sounds and touch


Augur is a novel approach to the early detection of research topics. Augur analyses the diachronic


BeeWatch is a citizen science project developed in collaboration with the Bumblebee Conservation and

Big Code Learning for Forensic Analysis in Software Engineering

Royal Society International Collaboration Project


BKD is a knowledge discovery tool which can extract reusable knowledge from databases, using sound

Bletchley Park Text

The Bletchley Park Text system is an information service provided for visitors to Bletchley Park, of


Blockchain is most commonly known as the technology underpinning the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. But in

Blogging Birds

Blogging birds is a new concept that allows you to find out more about the lives of Red Kites, one a

Blues Engine

Conceptualised as a layered virtual instrument, the Blues Engine is a web based instrument emulator


Online social networking tools are extremely popular, but can miss potential discoveries latent in a


BuddySpace aims to provide enhanced capabilities for users to manage and visualise the presence of

Canine Signalling Interfaces for Bio Detection Dogs

In collaboration with Medical Detection Dogs, world pioneer of bio-detection with dogs, the project



The CARRE project investigates information and communication technologies for empowering patients or


The Cashew project concerns the description and composition of semantic web-services, unlike most of

CAT: Curriculum Analytics Tool

CAT stands for Curriculum Analytics Tool. It is an application developed at KMi originally for STEM


Public deliberation in complex socio-technical debates is critical, but poorly supported by today's


The Collective Intelligence Dashboard (CI dashboard) is an open online service that provides for It


CIMPLE aims to experiment with innovative social and knowledge-driven AI explanations, and to use to


CitiTag is an innovative wireless location-based multiplayer game. These are boundaries we are : of

Citizen Forensics

Citizen Forensics nvestigates how adaptive software architectures could support the contextual flows

Citizen Forensics2

The Citizen Forensics project will investigate how adaptive software architectures could support the

Citizen Science and Artificial Intelligence

We set ourselves an ambitious programme of fostering Science Learning (formal and informal) through


CityLabs is a place for SMEs to work with academic and industry leaders to develop concepts into for


ClaiMaker is a web-based system for individuals or distributed communities to publish and contest as

The [] is a state-of-the-art simulation of the on


This project aims to support knowledge sharing within distributed teams, knowledge reuse within an

CLUTCH - Millennium Awards

The Open University has worked in partnership with the Living Archive, an independent documentary in


Misinformation generates misperceptions, which have affected policies in many domains, including and


We experience the information ocean as streams of media fragments, flowing past us in every To make


The open research community COLEARN was founded in 2000 in Brazil and became an international in the


The COMPOSE project aims at enabling new services that can seamlessly integrate real and virtual the


COMRADES aims to research and develop a collaborative platform for supporting communities during for


Contento is a data driven ontology construction kit, based on Formal Concept Analysis (FCA). and of


CORDER (COmmunity Relation Discovery by named Entity Recognition) is an un-supervised machine that a


CORE hosts the world\'s largest collection of open access research outputs, which are used and by

CORE - COnnecting REpositories

CORE ( aims to aggregate all open access research outputs from repositories and journals


COS4CLOUD (Co-designed citizen observatories for the EOS-Cloud) aims to design, prototyped and that

COVID-19 Research

Within KMi we have been shocked and saddened by the devastating impact the global pandemic is having


cRunch is a service and an infrastructure for computationally-intense learning analytics. It in away


D3E uses the Publisher\'s Toolkit to process HTML files. The toolkit generates a frames-based with


D3Eprints is a specialisation of KMi's Ubiquitous-D3E tool, part of the D3E tool suite. D3Eprints a

Dead Reckoning with wearable inertial Measurement Units

Determining the reliability of a dead reckoning and drift correction algorithm for the estimation


Public deliberation in complex socio-technical debates is critical, but poorly supported by today's


The lack of collective awareness negatively impacts perceived personal efficacy, which hampers to is


Biodiversity is under increasing pressure, with consequent impacts on the benefits people gain from


Dedalo is a framework which exploits Linked Data to generate explanations for patterns of data. The


The main goal of DEL4ALL is to transform the current European research and innovation initiatives in

Designing a Canine-Centred Alarm for Medical Alert Dogs

In collaboration with Medical Detection Dogs, the project researched the design of an alarm system a

Designing Playful Interactive Enrichment for Captive Elephants

The project investigated the potential for using technology to support the development of sensory It

Digital Health for Pressure Sore prevention

A digital health project aimed at the prevention of pressure sores, involving the consstruction of


There is a growing base of open educational content being made available online. At The Open this of

Dog-Smart Homes: Improving Accessibility for Mobility Assistance Dogs

In collaboration with UK charity Dogs for Good, the project aims to improve the welfare, training of

Drone Identity for Forensic-Ready Investigations

EngageKTN Round 1 Project supported by H2020

Drone Telemetry for Integrity of U-Spaces

EngageKTN Round 2 Project supported by H2020

e-PhD Project

KMi's e-PhD Project is investigating ICT which can make it possible for faculties and students to


ECOSENSUS is investigating the sociotechnical issues around developing collaboration tools for (a) A



Data explosion on the web, fuelled by social networking, micro-blogging, as well as crowdsourcing, a


This project is investigating and developing organisational learning technology that is rather than

Election Debate Visualization

During the 2010 UK general election, the first ever televised Prime Ministerial debates took place.


ELLIMent is an online tool which aims to support mentors and mentees with reflection on their for It


The ENGAGE project is part of the EU Science in society agenda to promote more Responsible Research


EnquiryBlogger extends WordPress, the world's most popular open source content management system a

Entity Relation Discovery and Semantic Search

This project is funded in part by IBM through an IBM 2006 UIMA (Unstructured Information Management


ERA (Enabling Remote Activity) is an Open University project that supports remote participation by a


Named entity recognition (NER) systems are commonly designed with a "one-size-fits-all" Lexicons a

EU Blockchain Forum Logo

EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

The Blockchain Observatory and Forum will highlight key developments of the blockchain technology,



As the popularity of Linked Data increases, so does the demand for data practitioners possessing the

Eurogene Software

Eurogene is an e-learning system in the domain of genetics that provides free multimedia learning in

Europeana Cloud

Europeana Cloud is a Best Practice Network, submitted under Objective 2.1.a and coordinated by the a

Evaluation of DFID Online Research Portals and Repositories

DFID commissioned Mott MacDonald and The Open University to conduct an evaluation of its support to


Evolva is an Ontology Evolution tool that handles information discovery from external data sources

Exploring community responses to health-related community displays

UKRI Citizen Science Exploration Grant. The bid focusses on working with communities to better the


FindLEr detects traces of listening experiences in texts. Users can provide a source book to scan a


Debunking the myth that the Wright Brothers were lucky mechanics - the project shows how they used a


Bridging the gap between RRI and Open Science to manage the rapid transformation processes affecting

FlashMeeting Technology

Hook-up your web cam, plug in your microphone, go to a web page ... and the Centre for New FM you


With a web cam and computer you can be creating video blogs almost instantly! You can record and is


Investigating Haptics in Cultural spaces: design and evaluation of haptic navigation device for and


While the increasing popularity of Web2.0 and in particular folksonomies has lead to a vast quantity


Forging Online Education through FIRE (FORGE) is a project bringing the FIRE and eLearning worlds to


FOSTER aims to support different stakeholders, especially young researchers, in adopting open access


FOSTER's Objectives: - support a culture change, whereby the practical aspects of Open Science are


FOSTER Plus (Fostering the practical implementation of Open Science in Horizon 2020 and beyond) is a


A joint KMi-IET project funded by the e-OU initiative. This is a feasibility study to determine the

Frictionless Data Exchange Across Research Data, Software and Scientific Paper Repositories

The work produced the following outputs: - Implementation and a deployed online version of the fast


A number of our projects have required us to develop computer games. Either as a stimulating and way


KMi are part of a 43 partner EU project that has just be given the go ahead as part of the EU The of

A pilot to explore the potential of argument analysis experiments on the net. Our objectives are to:

GreenDATA Logo


A new project to capture, store and share power generation and use data from domestic renewable wind


Hank is a new cognitive modelling language designed for use on the Open University's Cognitive In a


Innovate UK funded project to prototype haptic technologies for creative practice for visually


The sense of touch is our physical connection to the world around us. Haptic technology recreates of

Haptic Bracelets / Wearables for Rehab

Wearable technologies, in the form of small, light and inconspicuous devices, can be designed to out

Haptics for Musical Rhythm

Different sensory modalities have different strengths and weaknesses for the development of skills

Heronsgate Middle School Site

Our work with schools and the local community has shown that engagement with all forms of learning A


HERoS aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the response to the Covid-19 outbreak. and

Highly expressive Direct Combination: a New framework

Direct Combination is variously a principle, a family of user interaction techniques, and a user et



HUB4NGI is the first Coordination and Support Action dedicated to transforming the Next Generation a

Human-Computer Collaborative Learning in Citizen Science

This project explores the potential for collaborative learning between humans and machines within of


Hyperdata API is a software package for creating update-oriented APIs for linked data. It is driven

Hypermedia Discourse

Our focus is on what we are finding to be a powerful and intruiging intersection: the meeting of and


Given that 'mobility still remains the exception rather than the rule' (COM(2009) 329: 5), there a


Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) is acknowledged as a promising solution for the of IMTA

Improving the Welfare of Kennelled Dogs with Smart Kennels

The project investigated whether advances in ubiquitous computing to enhance human wellbeing and the

Improving Wearability of Animal Biotelemetry

The overall aim of the project is to provide designers with a tool that can empower them to develop

Institute of Coding Logo

Institute of Coding

The Institute of Coding is a collaboration between the UK Government, more than 60 universities, big

Interacting in A Virtual Gallery

There's nothing new about virtual reality, but recently considerable advances have been made in how

Interactive spatial models of harmony

Interactive spatial models of harmony offer rich opportunities to support education, engagement, and

Internet Reasoning Service (IRS)

The Internet Reasoning Service - IRS - is a Semantic Web Services framework, which allows to and web

Internet Software Visualization Lab (ISVL)

The Internet Software Visualization Lab (ISVL) allows demonstrations to be staged over the web, a


iServe is a platform for publishing Semantic Web Services as linked data, no matter their original a


Initiated in the relatively early days of the Web (1996), JIME set out to foster a multidisciplinary


Making explicit semantic relations between ontologies in large ontology repositories


KCE defines a groundbreaking approach to identifying the concepts in an ontology, which best what is


KICS offers the flexibility of bi-directional calendars on multiple operating systems and clients an

KMi Planet

KMi Planet is an online newspaper managed entirely by intelligent agent software. The software the a


KnoFuss represents a modular architecture for automated knowledge fusion of Semantic Web Knowledge

L204 Summer School Blog

Students on the L204 second level course "Viento en popa" sent images and voice recordings from as

Learning Disability History

Each year the School of Health and Social Welfare at the Open University organises a conference with

LED Logo

Learning Experience Database (LED)

The Listening Experience Database (LED) project is a collaboration between The Open University, the

Licence Picker

Licences are a crucial aspect of the information publishing process in the web of (linked) data. on

Linked USDL

Linked USDL aims to better promote and support the use of the Unified Service Description Language a

Linking Islands of Data - A UK/USA AHRC network

Linking Islands of Data will create a research network based around centres of excellence that study

Listening Experience Database

The Listening Experience Database (LED) project is a collaboration between the Open University and a


Online discussions on issues of public concern are often dispersed across different Websites and it


The world of procurements and eProcurement generates daily large amounts of data, that represent of


Lyceum, prototyped in KMi and then further developed by LTS, is voice conferencing internet It and a


Magpie adds an ontology based semantic layer onto web pages on-the-fly as they are browsed. Magpie a

Making the News

This is a project based on the KMi Rostra technologies. The Making the News website is a 'one stop


Have you ever tried to schedule a meeting involving participants who don't use your official tool?


MEMETIC is building on the advanced meeting support and information management tools developed in an


The MK:5G project is a new initiative which focuses on the deployment of a 5G infrastructure to and


Smart city project, with focus on citizen innovation, human data interaction, and energy balanced

Wired/wireless: whatever it takes, we are excited by the prospect of helping schools achieve access


MnM is an annotation tool which provides both automated and semi-automated support for annotating a

Mobile Applications

The Knowledge Media Institute are currently developing demonstration / prototype mobile to explore

Monetise Me

EPSRC Funded multidisciplinary project studying new business models and software infrastructures for

Motivating Jenny to develop secure software: community and culture of coding

Motivation significantly influences productivity and code quality in software development projects.


MSG a web application that allows you to use the basic functionality of the earlier BuddySpace a web

Multimedia Digital Libraries

The overall aim of the project is to facilitate visual and text-based access approaches to digital a


In the last years the discussion about electronic learning environments has changed fundamentally. a


MUPPLE II is your learning companion in the web. It supports you in learning new best practices from

Music Computing Lab

The Music Computing Lab at The Open University is a research group focused on empowering musicians,

Music Interaction

To explore new and emerging ideas and practices from Music Interaction and to investigate how these

Musical Petri Nets

Adapting Petri Nets as an interactive visual orgramming language for Music


NewsRoom is a modular platform for television broadcast news capture, automatic segmentation, and of


NoBIAS aims to develop novel methods for AI-based decision making without bias by taking into and in

Novice interaction designers' behaviour in different cultures (UNITE)

Designing interactive products for different cultures is challenging. While the need to design for


The OCML language was designed and implemented by Enrico Motta in the 90s and it has since been used


The networked world creates a sense of "always being in touch or reachable" for "sharing, and and


The aim of OLnet is to tackle gathering evidence and methods about how we can research and ways to a


OmniVoke is a framework that aims to automating the invocation of generic Web APIs. It provides a of


ON-MERRIT targets an equitable scientific system that rewards based on merit rather than the of The

Online photo-sharing by people aged over 60 years and effects on social isolation and loneliness

The project will address the interlinked issues of ageing, loneliness, social isolation and with in


OntoWeaver is an ontology-based approach, which provides high level support for web site design and


This project is to help digital libraries provide some level of effective automated help desk office

Open Blockchain Logo

Open Blockchain

A blockchain is a publicly shared immutable ledger – an append only log of transactions which

Open Guide to Milton Keynes

The Open Guide to Milton Keynes is part of the OpenGuides network of free, community-maintained wiki

Open Networking Lab

By developing and using a web-based computer network simulator, The Open Networking Lab provides for

Open Networking Lab Logo

Open Networking Lab

The Open Networking Lab makes available introductory practical computer networking skills training,

Open Networking Lab Accessibility

The project created a version of the Packet Tracer Anywhere computer network simulator which is to

Open Sensemaking Communities

The Open Content movement is concerned with enabling students and educators to access material, in

Opening Up Minds

The project will develop a dialogue system interface to existing databases of the arguments topics a

OpenLang Network

The OpenLang Network addresses the needs for linguistic skills and culture awareness of Erasmus+ KA1


OpenLearn is the University's Open Content initiative, making educational resources freely on the a


OpenMinted sets out to create an open, service-oriented e-Infrastructure for Text and Data Mining of

Organised Crime Group Mapping

The aim of this project is to compare existing methods for assessing the risk posed by an Organised

OU Analyse

A list of such students is communicated weekly to the module and Student Support teams to help them


OU Go has been developed for staff and visitors to locate the various campus buildings, car and and


Design and Evaluation of Painpad, a Tangible Device for Supporting Inpatient Self-Logging of Pain

Patterns of Design

Exploring Design Patterns as contributing insights to support community engagement, design and

Peer Miles Logo

Peer Miles

Researchers spend considerable time in reviewing articles for workshops, conferences and journals.

Personal Inquiry

The Personal Inquiry (PI) project is a collaboration between the University of Nottingham and from a


PhiloSURFical is an application built to experiment the new navigation mechanisms the Semantic Web a

Phone the Web

Advances in speech recognition, natural language interfaces and software assistants will mean that


The use of KMi Planet on a day-to-day basis has highlighted a number of knowledge management issues:

Planting for Pollinators

Environmental concerns are often communicated to members of the public as series of complex threats


The word 'podcasting' is a combination of the words 'broadcasting' and 'iPod'. Podcasting is a


From the soundscape of Italian historical bells, to the influence of French operas on traditional a


Polifonia, a new 3M€ project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Programme will run for the next 40


PowerAqua is a multi-ontology-based Question Answering (QA) system, which takes as input queries in


PowerMagpie is a new generation semantically-enhanced web browser, which is able to dynamically and

PT Anywhere

PT Anywhere offers a network simulation environment via a web interface that can be accessed from or

QualiChain Logo


QualiChain targets the creation, piloting and evaluation of a decentralised platform for storing, on

RAE (Responsive Algorithmic Enterprise)

In this project, we work with AND technology and research ( to develop new and


READ-IT (Reading Europe Advanced Data Investigation Tool) is a 3-years (2018-2020) transnational, by

READ-IT chatbot

The READ-IT chatbot is a response to the halt of engagement activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reducing Social Isolation to support recovery, health and wellbeing

Supporting the improvement of gait adversely affected by neurological conditions.armony


ReelLives is a interdisciplinary project funded by EPSRC. ReelLives aims to combine our expertise in

REF 2021 Predictions

Over the recent years, there has been a growing interest in developing new scientometric measures go

Remote Access to Comprehensive Teaching Laboratories

A European Commission Framework V project PEARL (Practical Experimentation by Remote Learning) has a


Rexplore leverages novel solutions in large-scale data mining, semantic technologies and visual to a


ROSTRA is a web-based news and content management tool written in PHP. Through the use of templates,


ROSTRA news services now support a range of new engines to allow novel forms of access to their own

Scientific code review

Support from Mozilla Foundation. Studies introducing code review into scientific teams that develop


SciRoc is a EU-H2020 funded project supporting the European Robotics League (ERL), and whose aim is


SemSearch is a semantic search engine, which is designed for na�ve users, i.e., ordinary end or


Studies show that fewer than a quarter of British children regularly use their local patch of nature


The objective of the EU FP7 Sense4us project is to advance policy modelling and simulation, data and


EPSRC funded multidisciplinary project aiming to support social and emotional resilience for lonely

SlideWiki Logo


A major obstacle to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of education in Europe is the

Smart Book Recommender

The Smart Book Recommender (SBR) is a ontology-based recommender system, developed in collaboration

Smart Topic Miner

The Smart Topic Miner (STM) is a novel application, developed in collaboration with Springer Nature,

Socio-technical resilience in software development (STRIDE)

STRIDE investigates resilience and automation in the socio-technical system that supports software a


The aim of the SPICE project is to develop new technologies and methods that enable groups at risk a

Stables Theatre Disability Inclusion Project

Working with the Stables theatre and Milton Keynes International Festival we will explore and for of


KMi Stadium is the generic label for a suite of webcasting activities and software tools whose goal

Station X

This is part of a CNM outreach initiative which highlights the local heritage site of Bletchley Park

Storymaking Project

Stories are our most primitive, and enduring, means of human communication. We are interested in as



Socio-Technical Resilience for Enhancing Targeted Community Healthcare EPSRC funded project for


Searching for information, data, and multimedia resources that are semantically related is a key of

Supporting Editorial Activities at Springer Nature

The project aims at fostering Springer Nature editorial activities by supporting them with a variety


SWEET: Semantic Web sErvice Editing Tool is the first tool developed for the semi-automatic of to a

Synthesised 3-Dimensional Audio

A programme of integrated technical research and development and cognitive and perceptual evaluation

Tactile Multimedia

The 'interactivity' of multimedia turns out in many cases to be a fairly passive experience for to

Talking about design

Support from Mozilla Foundation. Collaborative workshops capturing design dialogues of professional


Textile & Clothing Business Labs (TCBL) aims to create a transformational ecosystem capable of with


TELL-ME reinvents learning technology for human-centred and service-oriented manufacturing in small

The KMi semantic web

The KMi semantic web generates and maintains semantic markup extracted from a variety of sources, In

The Open University Linked Data is the home of open linked data from The Open University. We interlink and expose in

The UK Multimedia Knowledge Management Network

The UK Multimedia Knowledge Management Network consists of research teams from seven UK universities

The Virtual Microscope

The Virtual Microscope allows students to directly manipulate photorealistic rock sample slides. In

Topic Accessed Video

Topic accessed video is a prototyping system intended to allow authors to judge the educational of A

Touch and e-Textiles

Through our work on haptics and electronic textiles we explore how touch based interactions can so a

Touch interactions with eTextiles

Investigation of eTextile technologies, as novel interaction method and co-design tool for creative

Towards a multi-dimensional framework to put UX into action in software startups

Software teams in startups have struggled on how using UX information available or even what UX they


TRIVALENT is a H2020 funded project which aims to a better understanding of root causes of the of in


The overall aim of the project was to create a web-based image and video browser for content-based a

UK Aggregation 2

UK Aggregation 2 aims at maintaining the CORE aggregation system developed through a series of and 2

University for Industry Observatory

The aim of this project is to provide an 'observatory' for the University of Industry (learning on

UP2U Logo


The key objective of the project is to bridge the gap between secondary schools and higher education

Urban Inquiries

Several initiatives on collaborative inquiry-based learning "co-inquiry" have been emerging in and

Vague Query Responder

Although today's web search engines are very powerful, they still fail to provide intuitively for a


In this project we are exploring how to use technology to appropriately support a strongly social of

Virtual Participant

The Virtual Participant is an agent that participates in electronic conferences. It monitors the of

Virtual Spring Collaborative Microworld

A demonstrator project to show how a real teaching problem could be tackled with networked Virtual a

Virtual Tours

A demonstrator project to show how QTVR virtual tours of museums and other significant buildings be


This is a document search engine with several new visualization front ends that aid navigation the a


The?VocTeach project is creating an online platform where vocational educators can find?and share to

VPH-Share Logo


VPH-Share will provide the organisational fabric (the infostructure) realised as a series of offered


As the Semantic Web gains momentum, large amounts of semantic information are becoming available The

Web Lab

Web Lab is an attempt to calibrate, and provide a context for, networked simulation environments. to


WebOnto is a tool providing web-based visualisation, browsing and editing support for developing and


The weSPOT project, supported by the European Commission, aims to propagate scientific inquiry as in


The X-Polli:Nation project aims to get our communities buzzing. This National Geographic project (or


The playback engine XO Stage and its companion editing tools XO Editor and XO ButtonEd make the and

XO Backlot

The KMi Stadium project has supported a vast range of educational webcasting experiments, both the a

Xtreme Webcasting

A combination of technologies can allow people all over the world to witness extrordinary August A a