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OmniVoke is a framework that aims to automating the invocation of generic Web APIs. It provides a unique entry point for the invocation of most Web APIs that can be found on the Web. The framework abstracts away the heterogeneities of different APIs and consequently eliminates the need for developing a custom tailored client per Web API. OmniVoke relies on non-intrusive semantic annotations of HTML pages describing Web APIs, in order to capture both their semantics as well as the information necessary to carry out their invocation. The framework developed is based on RESTful principles to simplify its use and to adequately exploit the Web infrastructure for scalability.


Maleshkova, Maria, Pedrinaci, Carlos, Li, Ning, Kopecky, Jacek, Domingue, John, Lightweight semantics for automating the invocation of Web APIs

Li, Ning, Pedrinaci, Carlos, Kopecky, Jacek, Maleshkova, Maria, Liu, Dong, Domingue, John, Towards Automated Invocation of Web APIs

Li, Ning, Pedrinaci, Carlos, Maleshkova, Maria, Kopecky, Jacek, Domingue, John, A Framework for Automating the Invocation of Web APIs


John Domingue Carlos Pedrinaci Ning Li


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