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Computing research at the Open University (OU) is people-centred. Our research integrates technology into human activities, supporting human needs through technology and augmenting human capabilities to shape and influence the development of technology in our daily lives. It addresses socio-technical problems, which is particularly relevant in the current era when computing is fully integrated in society and society is an integral part of computing.

Following from the social justice mission of the OU, we conduct research in computing technologies for social good. We also use technical innovations in order to support openness to people, places, methods and ideas in a scalable way.

We collaborate on a multidisciplinary research agenda, which spans four main research themes with international recognition, namely Human-Centred Computing (HCC), Learning and Multimedia Technologies (LMT), Software Engineering and Design (SEAD), and Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis (AIDA). The four research themes are overlapping topics with applications in Learning and Education; Health and Wellbeing; Citizen Empowerment; Politics and Government; Security and Policing, Forensics & Privacy; Environment & Sustainability; Science & Scholarly Communication; Urban and Smart living; New Media and Society; Accessibility, Inclusion, Ethics, Social Justice and Diversity; Arts, Entertainment and Culture; and Professional Practice.


Research Highlights