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PowerAqua is a multi-ontology-based Question Answering (QA) system, which takes as input queries expressed in natural language and is able to return answers drawn from the relevant distributed resources on the Semantic Web. In contrast with any other existing natural language front end, PowerAqua is not restricted to a single ontology and therefore provides the first comprehensive attempt at supporting open domain QA on the Semantic Web.


Lopez, Vanessa, Uren, Victoria, Sabou, Marta, Motta, Enrico, Is question answering fit for the Semantic Web? A survey

Lopez, Vanessa, Nikolov, Andriy, Sabou, Marta, Uren, Victoria, Motta, Enrico, Scaling up question-answering to linked data

Lopez, Vanessa, Sabou, Marta, Uren, Victoria, Motta, Enrico, Cross-ontology question answering on the Semantic Web – an initial evaluation

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d'Aquin, Mathieu, Lopez, Vanessa, Motta, Enrico, FABilT – finding answers in a billion triples


Enrico Motta Marta Sabou Victoria Uren Miriam Fernandez Vanessa Lopez


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