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SWEET: Semantic Web sErvice Editing Tool is the first tool developed for the semi-automatic acquisition of semantic RESTful service descriptions, aiming to support a higher level of automation of common RESTful service tasks, such as discovery and composition.


Sabou, Marta, Maleshkova, Maria, Pan, Jeff Z., Semantically enabling web service repositories

Pedrinaci, Carlos, Domingue, John, Toward the Next Wave of Services: Linked Services for the Web of Data

Duke, Alistair, Stincic, Sandra, Davies, John, Alvaro Rey, Guillermo, Pedrinaci, Carlos, Maleshkova, Maria, Domingue, John, Liu, Dong, Lecue, Freddy, Mehandjiev, Nikolay, Telecommunication mashups using RESTful services

Pedrinaci, Carlos, Liu, Dong, Maleshkova, Maria, Lambert, David, Kopecky, Jacek, Domingue, John, iServe: a linked services publishing platform


John Domingue Laurian Gridinoc Carlos Pedrinaci Maria Maleshkova


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