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BeeWatch is a citizen science project developed in collaboration with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT) and the University of Aberdeen. Citizens submit photographs of bumbelbees, then have the opportunity to identify the species (and this is a hard task) using an online key. BeeWatch deploys a range of AI technologies, both for automating the provision of informative and motivating contextual feedback to recorders through Natural Language Generation, and for combining independent species identifications by different users using novel Bayesian methods for verifying records. BeeWatch builds on pedagogical research on the role of formative feedback in motivation and learning; in particular, about expectations of the learner from feedback and devices such as parallel empathy. (Funded by RCUK)


Sharma, Nirwan, Greaves, Sam, Colucci-Gray, Laura, Siddharthan, Advaith, Anderson, Helen, Robinson, Annie, Wibowo, Agung, Bostock, Helen, Salisbury, Andrew, Roberts, Stuart, Slawson, David, van der Wal, René, From citizen science to citizen action: analysing the potential for a digital platform to cultivate attachments to nature


Advaith Siddharthan


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