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CORE - COnnecting REpositories

CORE ( aims to aggregate all open access research outputs from repositories and journals worldwide and make them available to the public. In this way CORE facilitates free unrestricted access to research for all.


Kunnath, Suchetha N., Pride, David, Gyawali, Bikash, Knoth, Petr, Overview of the 2020 WOSP 3C Citation Context Classification Task

Pride, David, Knoth, Petr, An Authoritative Approach to Citation Classification

Shearer, Kathleen, Rodrigues, Eloy, Bollini, Andrea, Cabezas, Alberto, Castelli, Donatella, Carr, Les, Chan, Leslie, Humphrey, Chuck, Johnson, Rick, Knoth, Petr, Manghi, Paolo, Matizirofa, Lazarus, Perakakis, Pandelis, Schirrwagen, Jochen, Smith, Tim, Van de Sompel, Herbert, Walk, Paul, Wilcox, David, Yamaji, Kazu, Next generation repositories: Scaling up repositories to a global knowledge commons

Cancellieri, Matteo, Pontika, Nancy, Pearce, Samuel, Anastasiou, Lucas, Knoth, Petr, Building scalable digital library ingestion pipelines using microservices


Lucas Anastasiou Valeriy Budko Matteo Cancellieri Bikash Gyawali Jozef Harag Drahomira Herrmannova Alexander Huba Catherine Kuliavets Samuel Pearce Nancy Pontika David Pride Svetlana Rumyanceva Maria Tarasiuk Viktor Yakubiv Petr Knoth


Big Scientific Data and Text Analytics Group (BSDTAG)


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