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ON-MERRIT targets an equitable scientific system that rewards based on merit rather than the "Matthew Effect" of cumulative advantage. The project aims to analyse the role of Matthew Effect in Open Science/RRI, and look for and test the use of new and more equitable OS/RRI indicators. Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), including elements like Open Science and Gender Equality, promises to fundamentally transform scholarship to bring greater transparency and participation to research processes, and increase the impact of outputs. Yet just making processes open will not per se drive re-use or participation unless also accompanied by the capacity (in terms of knowledge, skills, motivation and technological readiness) to do so. ON-MERRIT will hence investigate how existing inequalities drive outcomes in the uptake of Open Science and Responsible Research and Innovation across academia, industry and policy-making. Once this evidence has been gathered, alternative policy-proposals to counteract any negative effects will be tested through modelling, and final recommendations made to policy-makers, funders and institutions.


Matteo Cancellieri Bikash Gyawali Drahomira Herrmannova David Pride Nancy Pontika Petr Knoth


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