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Internet Reasoning Service (IRS)

The Internet Reasoning Service - IRS - is a Semantic Web Services framework, which allows applications to semantically describe and execute web services. The IRS supports the provision of semantic reasoning services within the context of the Semantic Web.


Pedrinaci, Carlos, Domingue, John, Sheth, Amit, Semantic web services

Dietze, Stefan, Gugliotta, Alessio, Domingue, John, Mrissa, Michael, Mediation spaces for similarity-based semantic web services selection

Dietze, Stefan, Gugliotta, Alessio, Domingue, John, Yu, Hong Qing, Mrissa, Michael, An automated approach to Semantic Web Services mediation

Lambert, David, Domingue, John, Photorealistic semantic web service groundings: unifying RESTful and XML-RPC groundings using rules, with an application to Flickr

Dietze, Stefan, Benn, Neil, Yu, Hong Qing, Pedrinaci, Carlos, Siebes, Roland, Liu, Dong, Domingue, John, Towards two-stage service representation and reasoning: from lightweight annotations to comprehensive semantics


Liliana Cabral Stefania Galizia Barry Norton Alessio Gugliotta Vlad Tanasescu Carlos Pedrinaci Dave Lambert Stefan Dietze Enrico Motta John Domingue


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