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The COMPOSE project aims at enabling new services that can seamlessly integrate real and virtual worlds through the convergence of the Internet of Services with the Internet of Things. COMPOSE will achieve this through the provisioning of an open and scalable marketplace infrastructure, in which smart objects are associated to services that can be combined, managed, and integrated in a standardised way to easily and quickly build innovative applications.

The COMPOSE project builds upon existing European research projects and ongoing standardisation activities to provide a comprehensive marketplace framework that will be able to cover the whole service life cycle by integrating a number of innovative technological enablers in a coherent way. The project will develop novel approaches for virtualising smart objects into services and for managing their interactions. This includes solutions for managing knowledge derivation, for secure and privacy-preserving data aggregation and distribution, and for dynamic service composition advertising and discovering objects' capabilities and service provisioning and monitoring.

The COMPOSE project is expected to give birth to a new business ecosystem, building on the convergence of the Internet of Services with the Internet of Things and the Internet of Content. The COMPOSE marketplace will allow SMEs and innovators to introduce new Internet of Things-enabled services and applications to the market in a short time and with limited upfront investment. At the same time, COMPOSE will allow major European players in the information and communication industry, particularly cloud service providers and telecommunications companies, to reposition themselves within new Internet of Things-enabled value chains.

The project has 12 partners, which include the World Wide Web Consortium, IBM, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and Fraunhofer FOKUS.

The full list of partners:

Fraunhofer FOKUS
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
University of Passau
Barcelona Digital Centre Tecnologic


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