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The Open Networking Lab makes available introductory practical computer networking skills training, in order to service the needs of vocational learners (Further Education and Apprenticeship levels), educators, and industry. The project is carried out by the Open University Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and is funded by the Ufi Charitable Trust.

PT Anywhere is the underlying technology the project uses to teach networking concepts. The platform offers a network simulation environment via a web interface that can be accessed from any browser or as a widget inside an interactive eBook. PT Anywhere is based on the Packet Tracer network simulator for Windows and Linux developed by the Cisco Networking Academy.

The project has produced a free online course, which is available through the Open University\'s OpenLearn platform.

The Open Networking Lab Accessibility project allows visually impaired learners to acquire basic computer networking skills through the use of accessible network simulation software.


Kear, Karen, Smith, Andrew, Donelan, Helen, Mikroyannidis, Alexander, Jones, Allan, Rosewell, Jonathan, Wermelinger, Michel, Connolly, Teresa, Sanders, Chris, Peasgood, Alice, Williams, Judith, Moss, Nicky, Third, Allan, An Open Networking Lab for practical open education

Mikroyannidis, Alexander, Kear, Karen, Smith, Andrew, Jones, Allan, Rosewell, Jonathan, Donelan, Helen, Wermelinger, Michel, Sanders, Chris, Third, Allan, Connolly, Teresa, The Open Networking Lab: Hands-on Vocational Learning in Computer Networking

Rosewell, Jonathan, Kear, Karen, Jones, Allan, Smith, Andrew, Donelan, Helen, Mikroyannidis, Alexander, Peasgood, Alice, Sanders, Chris, Third, Allan, Wermelinger, Michel, Moss, Nicky, Williams, Judith, Connolly, Teresa, Open Networking Lab: online practical learning of computer networking

Kear, Karen, Smith, Andrew, Mikroyannidis, Alex, Jones, Allan, Rosewell, Jon, Donelan, Helen, Wermelinger, Michel, Sanders, Chris, Third, Allan, Connolly, Teresa, The Open Networking Lab: an open online course for experiential learning of computer networking


Karen Kear Allan Jones Andrew Smith Alex Mikroyannidis Chris Sanders Jon Rosewell Helen DonelanMichel Wermelinger Allan ThirdoDavid King Judith Williams Teresa Connolly Alice Peasgood


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