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Smart Topic Miner

The Smart Topic Miner (STM) is a novel application, developed in collaboration with Springer Nature, which classifies scholarly publications according to an automatically generated ontology of research areas. STM analyses in real-time a collection of publications and returns a description of the given corpus in terms of a taxonomy of research topics drawn from a large scholarly ontology and a set of Springer Nature Classification tags. This information is used for a variety of tasks such as: i) classifying proceedings in digital and physical libraries; ii) enhancing semantically the metadata associated with publications and consequently improving the discoverability of the proceedings in both the Springer digital library, SpringerLink, as well as third-party sites such as; iii) deciding where and when to market a specific book; and iv) detecting novel and promising research areas that may deserve more attention from the publisher.


Enrico Motta Angelo Salatino Francesco Osborne


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