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Blogging Birds

Blogging birds is a new concept that allows you to find out more about the lives of Red Kites, one of the UK's most stunning bird species. Unfortunately, mankind hasn't always celebrated the red kite and from the 18th century right up into the late 20th century they were hunted and killed as they were viewed as a threat to farming and game-shooting interests. This led to red kites becoming extinct in England and Scotland, with less than 10 pairs remaining in Wales in the 1940s. However, since then red kites have been successfully reintroduced to 10 sites around the UK. Using cutting edge computing technology, red kites will tell you a story about their day to day lives without any help from humans! Keep coming back and you'll see new stories about every day and every week of our red kites' lives as they gradually make their come back into the Highlands of Scotland. (Funded by RCUK)


Siddharthan, Advaith, Ponnamperuma, Kapila, Mellish, Chris, Zeng, Chen, Heptinstall, Danny, Robinson, Annie, Benn, Stuart, van der Wal, René, Blogging Birds: Telling informative stories about the lives of birds from telemetric data


Advaith Siddharthan


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