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The Cashew project concerns the description and composition of semantic web-services, unlike most efforts from the semantic web community, the primary flavour of semantics concentrated on is behavioural semantics. In particular we concentrate on the operational style of behavioural semantics from which we can directly form an implementation. Furthermore, the fundamental guiding principal is that of compositionality, missing from existing work.

The Cashew project is inspired by both OWL-S and WSMO, as well as by BPEL, Workflow Patterns and UML. It defines two formal languages Cashew-S - a language for orchestrations and choreography, visualised in UML Activity and State Diagrams respectively - and Cashew-Nuts, a process language via which semantics are induced in labelled transition systems and thereby abstract state machines.


Norton, Barry, Pedrinaci, Carlos, Henocque, Laurent, Kleiner, Mathias, 3-Level Behavioural Models for Semantic Web Services

Norton, Barry, Pedrinaci, Carlos, 3-level service composition and Cashew: a model for orchestration and choreography in semantic web services


John Dominue Barry Norton


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