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Music Interaction

To explore new and emerging ideas and practices from Music Interaction and to investigate how these relate, and could contribute to, existing HCI practices.To identify new ideas in HCI that could address outstanding problems in Music Interaction.To characterise aspects of Music Interaction that may require approaches distinctively different from mainstream HCI, and the reasons for such differences. To explore research on diverse aspects of Music Interaction and characterise their implications for interaction design.


Holland, Simon, Mudd, Tom, Wilkie-McKenna, Katie, McPherson, Andrew, Wanderley, Marcelo M., Understanding Music Interaction, and Why It Matters


Simon Holland Tom Mudd Katie Wilkie Andrew McPherson Wendy McKay Marcelo Wanderley and others


Human-Centred Computing


Arts and Entertainment, Culture (subsumes Digital Humanities)


Interaction Design Research Group (IDRG)


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