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Evolva is an Ontology Evolution tool that handles information discovery from external data sources (e.g. text documents), data validation, ontology changes, evolution validation and evolution management. One of the advantages of Evolva is that it relies on various background knowledge sources (e.g. online ontologies and lexical databases) for knowledge integration.


Zablith, Fouad, Antoniou, Grigoris, d'Aquin, Mathieu, Flouris, Giorgos, Kondylakis, Haridimos, Motta, Enrico, Ontology evolution: a process-centric survey

Zablith, Fouad, d'Aquin, Mathieu, Sabou, Marta, Motta, Enrico, Using ontological contexts to assess the relevance of statements in ontology evolution

Fernandez, Miriam, Sabou, Marta, Knoth, Petr, Motta, Enrico, Predicting the quality of semantic relations by applying Machine Learning classifiers

Zablith, Fouad, d'Aquin, Mathieu, Sabou, Marta, Motta, Enrico, Investigating the use of background knowledge for assessing the relevance of statements to an ontology in ontology evolution


Marta Sabou Mathieu d\'Aquin Enrico Motta Fouad Zablith


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