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The CARRE project investigates information and communication technologies for empowering patients with comorbidities (multiple co-occurring medical conditions), or persons with increased risk of such conditions, especially in the case of chronic cardiac and renal disease patients.

KMi will provide the semantic "glue" linking biometric sensor data, medical ontologies and Linked Data together for patient-focused decision support and medical education.


Zhao, Youbing, Parvinzamir, Farzad, Wilson, Stephen, Wei, Hui, Deng, Zhikun, Portokallidis, Nick, Third, Allan, Drosatos, George, Liu, Enjie, Dong, Feng, Marozas, Vaidotas, Lukoševičius, Arūnas, Kaldoudi, Eleni, Clapworthy, Gordon, Integrated visualisation of wearable sensor data and risk models for individualised health monitoring and risk assessment to promote patient empowerment

make_name_string expected hash reference, make_name_string expected hash reference, make_name_string expected hash reference, Integrating Medical Scientific Knowledge with the Semantically Quantified Self

Zhao, Youbing, Parvinzamir, Farzad, Wei, Hui, Liu, Enjie, Deng, Zhikun, Dong, Feng, Third, Allan, Lukoševičius, Arūnas, Marozas, Vaidotas, Kaldoudi, Eleni, Clapworthy, Gordon, Visual Analytics for Health Monitoring and Risk Management in CARRE

Kaldoudi, Eleni, Drosatos, George, Portokallidis, Nick, Third, Allan, An Ontology Based Scheme for Formal Care Plan Meta-Description

Third, Allan, Kaldoudi, Eleni, Gkotsis, George, Roumeliotis, Stefanos, Pafili, Kalliope, Domingue, John, Capturing Scientific Knowledge on Medical Risk Factors