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Eurogene Software

Eurogene is an e-learning system in the domain of genetics that provides free multimedia learning resources in nine languages for statistical, medical and molecular genetics and delivers them to students and professionals. The Eurogene content includes presentations, reviewed research articles, images, videos and learning packages submitted by world-leading geneticists.

An essential part of the Eurogene system is a multilingual search engine that allows to search for content in one language while retrieving the results in other languages. This is complemented by the use of a machine translation system fine-tuned for genetic terminology. The search engine uses a query language similar to PubMed.

Eurogene also aims at providing intelligent ways of navigation through the e-Learning system. As new learning resources are being continuously submitted to the system, it is not possible to maintain links between them manually. Eurogene automatically links resources that are semantically similar using natural language processing.


Zdenek Zdrahal Petr Knoth


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