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Animal Computer Interaction (ACI)

The Animal Computer Interaction Lab seeks to advance the art and science of designing animal-centred interactive systems fit for a participatory multi species society. The fundamental aims for this research program are: 1) understanding the interaction between animals and computing technology within the contexts in which animals habitually live; 2) informing the development of interactive technology to improve animals’ life quality or expectancy by facilitating the fulfilment of their physiological and psychological needs; 3) developing user-centred approaches, including theories and methods, to inform the design of technology intended for animals, regarding animal users as legitimate stakeholders and design contributors throughout all the phases of the design process and beyond. The ACI research program comprises a series of applied projects, which tackle a variety of real life problems from a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives. We are especially interested in the design, methodological and ethical research challenges and innovation opportunities that arise in extending the boundaries of interaction design beyond human animals; and we are committed to demonstrating the potential that this emerging discipline has to contribute to human and animal wellbeing, social inclusion, interspecies cooperation and environmental restoration.


Mancini, Clara, Lawson, Shaun, Juhlin, Oskar, Animal-Computer Interaction: the emergence of a discipline


Clara Mancini


Software Engineering and Design


Citizen Empowerment, Politics and Government


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