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READ-IT (Reading Europe Advanced Data Investigation Tool) is a 3-years (2018-2020) transnational, interdisciplinary R&D project funded by the Joint Programming Initiative for Cultural Heritage that will build a unique large-scale, user-friendly, open access, semantically-enriched investigation tool to identify and share groundbreaking evidence about 18th-21st century Cultural Heritage of reading in Europe. READ-IT consists in a robust consortium of 5 academic partners from 4 European countries (Institute of Czech Literature, Academy of Sciences, Prague; Open U. London, UK including the SME IN2; Utrecht University, Netherlands; CNRS-IRISA, Rennes and Le Mans U.-3LAM, France). The consortium is led by U. of Le Mans and the participants have international level of expertise in the different strands of research. Established stakeholders in education, cultural industries, cultural institutions, and disability advocacy groups will participate in evaluation and contribute to dissemination through joint events. 4 Associate partners from U. Mainz, U. Milano, Queen Mary U. London, U.Tours will contribute specific expertise and data.


Antonini, Alessio, Benatti, Francesca, Blackburn-Daniels, Sally, On Links To Be: Exercises in Style #2

Antonini, Alessio, Brooker, Sam, Mediation as Calibration: A Framework for Evaluating the Author/Reader Relation

Antonini, Alessio, Benatti, Francesca, King, Edmund, François, Vignale, Guillaume, Gravier, Modelling Changes in Diaries, Correspondence and Authors’ Libraries to support research on reading: the READ-IT approach

Antonini, Alessio, Lupi, Lucia, Developing a meta-language in multidisciplinary research projects: the case study of READ-IT


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