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A Visual Programming Language for Algorithmic Music Composition by Non-Programmers

Algorithmic composition typically involves structural elements such as indeterminism, parallelism, choice, multi-choice, nesting, weighting, and looping. There are powerful existing tools for manipulating these and other elements of music. However, while these systems give substantial compositional power to musicians who are also skilled programmers, many musicians who lack programming skills find these tools inaccessible and difficult to understand and use. This project explores the design and evaluation of a prototype visual programming language designed to allow structural elements of the kind involved in algorithmic music composition to be readily visualised and manipulated, while making little or no demand on programming ability.


Bellingham, Matt, Holland, Simon, Mulholland, Paul, Choosers: The design and evaluation of a visual algorithmic music composition language for non-programmers


Matt Bellingham Simon Holland Paul Mulholland


Human-Centred Computing


Arts and Entertainment, Culture (subsumes Digital Humanities)


Interaction Design Research Group (IDRG)


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