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We experience the information ocean as streams of media fragments, flowing past us in every modality... To make sense of these, learners, researchers and analysts must organise them into coherent patterns... Cohere is an idea management tool for you to weave meaningful connections between ideas, for personal, team or social use...
Cohere is part of an emerging vision of sensemaking infrastructure for crafting, sharing and disputing ideas. We hope it wil contribute to effective online deliberation and debate in fields such as open, participatory learning, e-democracy, scholarly research and knowledge management.


Iandoli, Luca, Quinto, Ivana, De Liddo, Anna, Buckingham Shum, Simon, Socially-augmented argumentation tools: rationale, design and evaluation of a debate dashboard

De Liddo, Anna, Sándor, Ágnes, Buckingham Shum, Simon, Contested Collective Intelligence: rationale, technologies, and a human-machine annotation study

De Liddo, Anna, Buckingham Shum, Simon, McAndrew, Patrick, Farrow, Robert, The open education evidence hub: a collective intelligence tool for evidence based policy

Okada, Alexandra, Aprendizagem Significativa com Mapas para Crianças (Meaningful learning for children with maps)

Okada, Alexandra, COLEARN 2.0: Refletindo sobre o conceito de COAPRENDIZAGEM via REAs na Web 2.0


Michelle Bachler Anna De Liddo Alexandra Okada Simon Buckingham Shum


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