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Improving Wearability of Animal Biotelemetry

The overall aim of the project is to provide designers with a tool that can empower them to develop biotelemetry devices in a wearer-centred way and thus improve their wearability. Such a tool is in the form of a wearer-centred design framework, which can help to establish requirements for designing animal wearables that are consistent with the needs of wearers. The framework can be used to identify species-specific wearability requirements for new wearable devices, or to aid the analysis and refinement of requirements emerging from evaluation studies.


Paci, Patrizia, Mancini, Clara, Price, Blaine, Understanding the Interaction Between Animals and Wearables: The Wearer Experience of Cats


Patrizia Paci Clara Mancini Blaine Price


Accessibility, Inclusion, Ethics and Social Justice and Diversity Health and Welbeing


Interaction Design Research Group (IDRG)


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