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Designing a Canine-Centred Alarm for Medical Alert Dogs

In collaboration with Medical Detection Dogs, the project researched the design of an alarm system allowing dogs to remotely call for help when their human becomes incapacitated. Through a combined approach including multispecies ethnography, rapid prototyping and user testing, the research aimed to identify the best design of a physical canine user interface as well as involving dogs, their handlers and specialist dog trainers in the design process as participants.


Robinson, Charlotte, Mancini, Clara, van der Linden, Janet, Guest, Claire, Swanson, Lydia, Marsden, Helen, Valencia, Jose, Aengenheister, Brendan, Designing an Emergency Communication System for Human and Assistance Dog Partnerships


Charlotte Robinson Clara Mancini Janet van der Linden Claire Guest (Medical Detection Dogs) Rob Harris (Medical Detection Dogs)


Accessibility, Inclusion, Ethics and Social Justice and Diversity Health and Welbeing


Interaction Design Research Group (IDRG)


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