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A joint KMi-IET project funded by the e-OU initiative. This is a feasibility study to determine the most useful measures for inclusion in a system for carrying out automated monitoring of marking of student essays.

Project Goals

Long-term goals include augmenting the University's e-TMA infrastructure with three new services to support tutors, monitors, and students through the processes of preparing essays and reports. These services share common technologies, based on advances in automated essay grading, and will:

- give monitors an environment which will enable them to focus on
assignments which most need their attention, and to provide tutors with high quality feedback.
- give tutors automated feedback on their marking, and contextualised staff development
- give students automated feedback on written assignments


Since its beginning in February 2002, the first phase of this project has concentrated on improving monitoring through identification of the most appropriate surface measures for this task. Future work includes integrating content-based techniques such as Latent Semantic Analysis.


Emanuela Moreale Stuart Watt Denise Whitelock Yvonne Raw


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