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Searching for information, data, and multimedia resources that are semantically related is a key feature of future Internet. Today's path to achieving that vision lies through the Linked Open Data (LOD) cloud of RDF data. SugarTube (Semantics Used to Get Annotated video Recording) is a Web3.0 application to search for videos through RDF-based annotated video stored as part of the Open University Broadcast Unit's learning material. The fundamental technology used to develop the application is Semantic Web Services. Users can search based on keywords, textual analysis of related documents, URLs, or geographical maps. Moreover, SugarTube gathers more useful data from the LOD cloud to enrich the search results, such as related events, people, knowledge, websites, geo-location, maps, and additional video streams from YouTube, the BBC, and OpenLearn.


Hong Qing Yu John Domingue Dave Lambert Stefan Dietze Carlos Pedrinaci


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