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ReelLives is a interdisciplinary project funded by EPSRC. ReelLives aims to combine our expertise and technologies in social media data processing and semantic extraction, with social science expertise in citizen identity, trust, and culture, to build tools for automatic generation of filmic, narrative structures from social media, that are easy to comprehend and edit and that allow for a simple comparison of one digital life with another


Farrow, Elaine, Dickinson, Thomas, Aylett, Matthew P, Generating Narratives from Personal Digital Data: Using Sentiment, Themes, and Named Entities to Construct Stories

Aylett, Matthew P, Farrow, Elaine, Pschetz, Larissa, Dickinson, Thomas, Generating Narratives from Personal Digital Data: Triptychs

Dickinson, Thomas, Fernández, Miriam, Thomas, Lisa A., Mulholland, Paul, Briggs, Pam, Alani, Harith, Identifying Prominent Life Events on Twitter


Smitashree Choudhury Tom Dickinson Miriam Fernandez Harith Alani


Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis


Arts and Entertainment, Culture (incl Digital Humanities)New Media and Society


Social Data Science Group (SDS)


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