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Hypermedia Discourse

Our focus is on what we are finding to be a powerful and intruiging intersection: the meeting of Hypermedia and Discourse theory and technology. Our interests are both conceptual, and intensely practical: the co-evolution of digital tools and associated work practices for sensemaking.


Brown, Marion, Downie, Andrew, Buckingham Shum, Simon, Mapping the matrix: using compendium as a tool for recording the analytic group

De Liddo, Anna, Sándor, Ágnes, Buckingham Shum, Simon, Contested Collective Intelligence: rationale, technologies, and a human-machine annotation study

Buckingham Shum, Simon, Cannavacciuolo, Lorella, De Liddo, Anna, Iandoli, Luca, Quinto, Ivana, Using social network analysis to support collective decision-making process

De Liddo, Anna, Buckingham Shum, Simon, Capturing and representing deliberation in participatory planning practices

Quinto, Ivana, Buckingham Shum, Simon, De Liddo, Anna, Iandoli, Luca, A debate dashboard to enhance on-line knowledge sharing


Gangmin Li Clara Mancini Alexandra Okada Victoria Uren Michelle Bachler Neil Benn Anna De Liddo Joanna Kwiat Albert Selvin Bertrand Sereno John Domingue Enrico Motta Simon Buckingham Shum


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