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UK Aggregation 2

UK Aggregation 2 aims at maintaining the CORE aggregation system developed through a series of projects and currently operated in the Knowledge Media institute, The Open University (OU). UK Aggregation 2 is a follow-on of the UK Aggregation project, which analysed the cost implications and scenarios for running the CORE aggregation system and resulted in the discussions between Jisc and OU about creating a sustainable service to be jointly delivered from July 2015. In addition to basic maintenance, the goals of the project are to continue:
- the harvesting of metadata and content from repositories
- the expansion of the supported repositories
- the serving of the existing CORE applications
- the integration with existing services in the repository ecosystem
- the monitoring of the progress of the aggregation activities through a set of benchmarks
- dissemination and promotion of the CORE services towards various target audiences including researchers, developers, text-miners, repository managers, funders, etc.

In addition, the project aims to provide:
- the implementation of the Jisc/OU recommendations on branding
- a new feature offering the UK view on an international aggregation
- the communication/collaboration with key projects, partners and stakeholders in the area, such as OpenAIRE, as needed or recommended by Jisc to ensure the main use cases around CORE can be or are effectively exploited.
- a service-ready aggregation solution by the end of the project with the capabilities to support multiple use cases.