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Canine Signalling Interfaces for Bio Detection Dogs

In collaboration with Medical Detection Dogs, world pioneer of bio-detection with dogs, the project aims to develop a canine-centred system to record and analyse the dogsí spontaneous interaction patterns with biological samples and infer diseased cell concentration levels. Enabling the dogs to spontaneously respond to the olfactory stimulus increases signalling reliability, and enabling them to provide nuanced responses increases signalling accuracy, possibly identifying different stages of the disease. Findings so far suggest a correlation between interaction patterns and sample concentration.


Mancini, Clara, Harris, Rob, Aengenheister, Brendan, Guest, Claire, Re-centering multispecies practices: a canine interface for cancer detection dogs


Clara Mancini David Diaz Joe Mills Brendan Aengenheister Claire Guest (Medical Detection Dogs) Rob Harris (Medical Detection Dogs)


Accessibility, Inclusion, Ethics and Social Justice and Diversity Health and Welbeing


Interaction Design Research Group (IDRG)


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