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SciRoc is a EU-H2020 funded project supporting the European Robotics League (ERL), and whose aim is to bring all ERL tournaments in the context of smart cities.

A key novelty of the SciRoc project is the introduction of robots in smart cities in ERL challenges and, in particular, the ERL Smart Cities, whose aim is to show how robots will integrate in the cities of the future as physical agents living in them. This adds a new challenge to ERL, which will be pursued through the organisation of two Smart CIties RObotics Challenges (The SciRoc Challenges) in years 2019 and 2021.

Leveraging the functionalities developed within ERL Consumer, ERL Professional and ERL Emergency, robots will be required to cooperate with the smart city infrastructure and interact with its citizens, accomplishing tasks of different nature in different scenarios – assisting customers, providing professional services and supporting during emergency situations.


Enrico Motta Emanuele Bastianelli Gianluca Bardaro Ian Pulfords Enrico Daga


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