Dr Clara Mancini

Senior Lecturer in Computing and Communications

I am senior lecturer in Interaction Design and head of the Animal–Computer Interaction (ACI) Lab.
My research focuses on:
- studying the interaction between animals and technology in naturalistic settings, whether the interaction is direct or indirect, dyadic or distributed, active or passive, synchronous or asynchronous
- developing animal-centered technology that can improve animals’ wellbeing, support animals in their activities and foster intra- and inter-species relationships
- informing multidisciplinary animal-centered approaches that can enable animals to participate in the design process as legitimate stakeholders and contributors.
I have led and supervised a range of ACI projects, including ambient interfaces for mobility assistance dogs, communication systems for medical detection dogs, interactive enrichment for captive elephants, and wearable animal biotelemetry. My research interests cover the design of systems to support multispecies cohabitation, collaboration and participation, as well as animal welfare and ethical conservation.
I am particularly interested in the methodological challenges and innovation opportunities presented by ACI, and in the potential that this emerging discipline has to contribute to human and animal wellbeing, social inclusion, interspecies cooperation and environmental restoration.


Animal-Computer Interaction, Animal-Centred Computing, Multispecies Interaction Design, Human-Animal Interaction, Smart Systems, Ubiquitous Computing, Wearable Computing, Multimodal Interfaces, Interface Design, Animal Welfare, Animal Ethics, Animal Conservation


French, Fiona

Paci, Patrizia

Ruge, Luisa and Mancini, Clara

Chisik, Yoram and Mancini, Clara

Paci, Patrizia

Paci, Patrizia

Cox, Elizabeth, Ruge, Luisa,Mancini, Clara

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Mancini, Clara

Paci, Patrizia