Dr Paul Mulholland

Senior Research Fellow

My research is concerned with developing computational tools and methods to help people make sense of information, and develop and express their ideas. I have been a Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator on 12 national or European projects delivering outcomes including: technologies for the visitor use of archives and museum collections, mobile applications for formal and informal learning, automated narrative generation tools, and semantic and knowledge technologies for school and work-based learning. I have a first degree in psychology, a Masters degree in computing and PhD in cognitive science. I have published over 100 conference and journal articles. I am also Deputy Editor of the International Journal of Human Computer Studies.

As part of the European Union Horizon 2020 SPICE project I am working on tools and methods to support Citizen Curation, in which citizens are supported in developing personal interpretations of cultural artefacts, sharing their own perspective and understanding the perspectives of others.

Within the European Union Horizon 2020 Polifonia project I am working on the use of visualisation, gesture and haptic interfaces to create novel ways of interacting with musical content.

I work with Paul Warren investigating the usability of languages such as SPARQL for querying data.

In the OCGM project I worked with Terri Cole (University of Bournemouth) and the NCA comparing methods for assessing the risk posed by Organised Crime Groups.

I co-supervise PhD students carrying out research on topics such as tools for managing information overload, wearable sensors to support rehabilitation, end-user music programming, and tools for the development of musical skill.

I am interested in supervising further PhDs students related to my interests, in particular on topics concerned with technologies and methods to support Citizen Curation, and human interaction with complex data sources and notations.

I am a Deputy Associate Dean (Postgraduate Research Students) for the STEM faculty and chair of the university's Research Degrees Examination Result Approval Committee (RDRAC).


human computer interaction, technology enhanced learning, museum informatics, digital narratives, digital humanities, music computing


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