Dr Nancy Pontika

Project Officer - Open Access Aggregation

I am an Open Access Aggregation Officer at CORE (https://core.ac.uk).

I have been involved in plenty EU-funded projects.
- FOSTER and FOSTER Plus (https://www.fosteropenscience.eu/)
- OpenMinTed (http://openminted.eu/)
- FIT4RRI (http://fit4rri.eu/)
- ON-MERRIT (https://on-merrit.eu/)

My field of interest is scholarly communication and my focus is on open science and open access. I advocate for Open Access, machine accessibility to open access research papers and the promotion of Open Science for the advancement of research. I have a PhD on Open Access, with a focus on Open Access Funders' Policies from Simmons College, Boston, MA, USA.

In the past I have worked for the Repositories Support Project (RSP) and as a repository manager at Royal Holloway, University of London. I serve as an Editor at the Open Access Directory (http://oad.simmons.edu) and as an External Liaison Officer at the UK Council of Research Repositories (http://ukcorr.org).


scholarly communication, open access, open science, funders' policies, repositories, harvesting aggregation


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