Dr Enrico Daga

Research Fellow

Enrico Daga has carried out R&D on Web Semantics first at the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and then at the Knowledge Media Institute of The Open University in the UK. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and is currently Research Fellow with the Intelligent Systems and Data Science group of KMi.

After playing key roles in projects developing intelligent systems for Ontology Engineering (NeOn) and Smart Cities (MK:Smart), his current research is exploring novel methods for data curation (policies and process knowledge) and the application of computational, knowledge-based methods in the humanities.

Enrico is Technical Director and Principal Investigator (PI) for the OU in the EU-funded H2020 project Polifonia and co-investigator and work package leader in the H2020 project SPICE.
He is Technical Director of the OU Open Knowledge Graph and of the MK Data Hub, a Smart City Data Infrastructure supporting research (SciRoc - robots in Smart Cities) and innovation (CityLABS project).
Enrico is co-founder of the WHiSe Workshop on Humanities in the Semantic Web and co-chair of the Artificial Intelligence and Music (AIM) DARIAH WG.


"linked data" data.open.ac.uk


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