Ben Hawkridge

Project Officer

I work under the direction of Peter Scott and Peter Whalley in the Centre for New Media Unit, within KMi.

My primary areas of work involve developing webcasting systems and multimedia prototypes for various internal and external research projects.


Webcasting, Multimedia, Design, Director, Flash, 3D


Cooke, Julia , Wheeler, Philip , Maseyk, Kadmiel , Davies, Sarah-Jane , Collins, Trevor, Bradshaw, Kate , Hawkridge, Ben, Valentine, Chris and Morgan, Gwyneth (2020). Broadcasting from the field: enabling student-led investigations by distance. In: Enhancing Fieldwork Learning 2020, 8 Sep 2020, Online, United Kingdom.

Richardson, Brian , Bradshaw, Kate , Collins, Trevor and Hawkridge, Ben(2019). Practical STEM at the Open University: The Use of Live Video in the OpenStem Labs to Innovate Teaching and Create a Community of Practical STEM Students. In: EdMedia & Innovate Learning Conference 2019, 24-28 Jun 2019, Amsterdam.