Mr Paul Alexander

Head of Technical Services

I am the Head of Technical Services for the STEM. The Faculty consists of 700 staff and 1,800 Associate Lecturers. We deliver over 185 modules across undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, supporting nearly 19,000 students (full time equivalents) which is 29% of the Open University total. I oversee the STEM technology development and technology utilisation strategy, managing all information technology resources of the Faculty. I have primary day-to-day responsibility for technology management of operations in terms of planning, developing, implementing, managing, growing, and maintaining, availability, efficiency and financial viability of all technology related components within the Faculty. Collaborating with the Senior Management Team at the University, I help to define and deliver on short term goals and the longer-term road map and strategy for the Faculty.


IT Infrastructure, Strategy, Operations, Management, Virtualisation, hyperconvergence, cloud, hpc, big data


Newman, Sonia, Alexander, Paul


Software Engineering and Design


Accessibility, Inclusion, Ethics and Social Justice and Diversity

Arts and Entertainment, Culture (incl Digital Humanities)

Citizen Empowerment, Politics and Government

Environment and Sustainability

Learning and Education

New Media and Society


Big Scientific Data and Text Analytics Group (BSDTAG)Blockchain, Decentralised Knowledge and Learning (BDKL)Citizen Science and Artificial Intelligence (CSAI)Intelligent Systems and Data Science (ISDS)Next-Generation Multimedia Technologies (XGMT)

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