Dr Nirwan Sharma

Research Associate

My research interests are in Citizen science, Human-computer interaction and Artificial Intelligence and I am a member of Citizen Science and AI group.


Citizen Science, Human-computer Interaction, AI


Anderson, Helen B., Robinson, Annie,Siddharthan, Advaith, Sharma, Nirwan, Bostock, Helen, Salisbury, Andrew, Roberts, Stuart and van der Wal, René ,(2020). Citizen science data reveals the need for keeping garden plant recommendations up-to-date to help pollinators. Scientific Reports, 10(1), article no. 20483.


Citizen Science and Artificial IntelligenceHuman-Computer Collaborative Learning in Citizen ScienceSENSE


Artificial Intelligence and Data AnalysisHuman-Centred ComputingLearning and Multimedia Technologies


Arts and Entertainment, Culture (incl Digital Humanities)

Citizen Empowerment, Politics and Government

Environment and Sustainability

Learning and Education

New Media and Society


Citizen Science and Artificial Intelligence (CSAI)

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