Prof Marc Eisenstadt

Emeritus Professor; KMi Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

CURRENT ACTIVITY: Tamper-proof COVID-19 Vaccination & Test Result Certification. PAST ACTIVITY: I co-founded KMi in 1994, served as KMi Director until 2000 and became Chief Scientist until my retirement in 2007. Building upon my long-term interests and background in cognitive science, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction and novice programming environments, my research focus included very large scale presence via messaging and gaming; social software; knowledge technologies as mediating tools for human interaction; internet mapping and visualization. My KMi colleagues and I created a variety of widely-used software environments, tools, and projects including Lyceum, KMi Stadium, BuddySpace, CitiTag and Meetomatic. Recently I have been working with the Blockchain Group, in particular on COVID-19 Test and Vaccination Certification (see IEEE publication below and news entries via my personal website at right for additional info and links). For my music and other activities, see my LinkedIn profile available at my personal website link at right.


blockchain, COVID-19 research, Open Blockchain, Social software, presence, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction


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