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Dr Leonor Barroca

Senior Lecturer in Computing

I am a member of the Agile Research Network (


agile development, agile transformation, sustaining agile


Arimoto, Mauricio M.,Barroca, Leonor and Barbosa, Ellen F.(2016). AM-OER: An Agile Method for the Development of Open Educational Resources. Informatics in Education, 15(2) pp. 205–233.

Gregory, Peggy,Barroca, Leonor, Sharp, Helen, Deshpande, Advait and Taylor, Katie(2016). The challenges that challenge: Engaging with agile practitioners’ concerns. Information and Software Technology, 77 pp. 92–104.

Stiver, Alexandra , Barroca, Leonor, Minocha, Shailey , Richards, Mike and Roberts, Dave ,(2015). Civic crowdfunding research: challenges, opportunities, and future agenda. New Media & Society, 17(2) pp. 249–271.