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Dr Jan Collie

Lecturer in Cyber Security

Jan Collie is a highly qualified digital forensics and cyber security specialist with wide ranging experience in corporate and criminal investigations. Fraud, IP theft, system hacking and ransomware recovery form a significant portion of her current corporate casework. In criminal litigation, she is frequently instructed to carry out cell site analysis as well as computer and mobile phone forensics in order to provide expert evidence on serious matters such as murder, rape, blackmail, terrorism and possession of indecent images.

Noted for her expertise in the field, Jan was called to give evidence to the House of Commons Justice Committee on the disclosure of evidence in criminal cases in May 2018 and to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry into forensic science in November 2018. She regularly presents on digital forensics and cybersecurity.


Digital Forensics, Cybersecurity


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Collie, Jan, (2012). Pocket PCs: privacy? Or piracy and porn? Computer Fraud & Security, 2012(10) pp. 5–8.


Accessibility, Inclusion, Ethics and Social Justice and Diversity

Professional Practice

Security and Policing, Forensics and Privacy


Next-Generation Multimedia Technologies (XGMT)Software Engineering and Design Group (SEAD)

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