Dr Giota Alevizou

Senior Visiting Fellow

Dr Giota Alevizou is a digital culture scholar with an expertise on civic media and collective intelligence, information politics as well as data ethics and literacies.

Giota is particularly interested in socially and politically motivated aspects surrounding information politics and digital education, and, in methods to incentivise collaboration and social change. She has had the opportunity to investigate these topics in more than five national and European projects, often as a principal investigator and a lead researcher. Currently holding advisory roles in research projects pertaining credibility and participatory methodologies, she is interested in working more closely in areas involving data ethical challenges and young peoples perceptions of digital literacy.

Giota has published widely in the cultural politics of the Open Web and Open Education and on civic technologies and informational media. A co-editted book, the Creative Citizen Unbound, stemming from a large AHRC-EPSRC funded project exploring the intersections of social media, digital cultures and cultural value was published by Policy Press, in 2016. Her book monograph, The Web of Knowledge: Encyclopaedias in the Digital Age is forthcoming by Cambridge Polity.

Prior to joining KMI, Giota held teaching and research positions at The Open University (e.g. the Institute of Educational Technology, the Department of Engineering and Innovation and more recently the Strategic Research Area Citizenship and Governance), where she explored how digital technologies are reshaping what participation and collaboration mean in social, political, cultural and pedagogical contexts, She has previously held research and faculty positions in Media, and Communications Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science as well as at the Department of Media and Film at Sussex University. She has served as advisor at the Wikimedia Foundation and WikiTribune, and Tate Gallery's Tate Exchange Programme.


social computing, digital citizenship, collective intelligence, information credibility, data ethics