Dr Dhouha Kbaier

Senior Lecturer in Computing & Communications

Dr Dhouha Kbaier has joined the Open University in September 2020 as a Senior Lecturer in Computing & Communications. She has worked as a technical consultant in Communications and Networking for QA Ltd. She worked before as a Senior Lecturer in Computer Networking at the University of Wolverhampton where she was an active research member of the Wolverhampton Cyber Research Institute (WCRI). She received from Telecom Bretagne (Brest, France) both her PhD in 2011 with the highest honours and her Master of Engineering degree in 2008. She was specialised in Space Communications Systems in the French “Grande École” ISAE in Toulouse, heart of the European Aerospace Industry. Prior to working at the University of Wolverhampton, she was holding a position at the University of Bedfordshire as a Lecturer in Telecommunications and Network Engineering since 2016. She also had an exciting academic experience at the University of Exeter from 2017 to 2019 as an Associate Lecturer within the Digital Technology Infrastructure Apprenticeship. Before moving to the UK, she worked for several years as a post-doctoral research fellow first at Telecom Bretagne, then with Thales Airborne Systems and finally at IFREMER. Thanks to her multi-disciplinarily and her diverse research background, Dr Kbaier was awarded in 2012 as well as in 2016 the French qualifications "Maître de conférences" in different fields. She is Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an Engineering Professors’ Council (EPC) member. Her research was particularly awarded by several productivity bonuses and two (IEEE and Spring) best paper awards.

Research interests
Dr Dhouha Kbaier is part of the NeXt Generation Multimedia and network Technologies (XGMT) research group that undertakes high-quality research into various aspects of these exciting and evolving technologies. Her research interests include signal processing applied to telecommunications and oceanography, channel coding, digital communications and information theory, error correction in VANET environments, etc. Several publications and full texts are available in her ResearchGate.

Current teaching commitments:

TM112 - Introduction to computing and information technology 2
TM355- Communications technology


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