Technology and Education Research Group (TERG)

We carry out practically-oriented research into: the use of technology for learning; the teaching and learning of technology. Our research draws on our strong record of teaching innovation, and the substantial expertise that we have established in online and distance learning. The increasing prevalence of e-learning and social approaches to learning mean that our work is central to current educational debates. We have a strong record of publishing in journals and conferences on educational technology and computing education. Many members of the group are involved in scholarship projects and have strong links with eSTEeM, the OU centre for STEM pedagogy ( The group provides an environment to: promote and support educational research and scholarship activities; foster collaborative research in technology and education; and disseminate our work through educational technology and computing education research journals and conferences.

We have recently been successful in a two funding bids to the UfI charitable trust (for ~£270k and ~50k). This funding is for the development and evaluation of vocational education in data networking, by using screencasts, simulation software and automated assessment. The initial project The Open Networking Lab investigates how students learn a technical subject through simulation and experiential learning. The follow-up project Open Networking Lab Accessibility extends this experience and investigation to visually impaired learners. In addition, many TERG members have institutionally funded eSTEeM projects. These projects cover a range of topics in technology and education.