Dr Simon Holland

Senior Lecturer in Computing

Simon Holland founded and directs the Music Computing Lab, a research group in the Centre for Research in Computing. His research focuses on the interconnected areas of Music Computing, Human Computer Interaction, and Digital Health. He has served as PI or Co-I on ten external research grants, totalling nearly £4.5 million, including Polifonia (EU, € 3,025,435.06), the HAPPIE Haptic Authoring Pipeline for Immersive Experiences (Innovate UK, £998,538), the AHRC E-Sense Project on digitally enhanced senses, £200,000), the Haptic Bracelets (Goldcrest Trust), the ESRC Older People and Technological Inclusion ESRC project, and the NATO Science Committee. He has published over 100 refereed research articles, and co-edited two seminal books on Music and HCI. He was co-author of Human Computer Interaction (Addison-Wesley) — for many years the worldwide best seller in HCI. He was a founding member of the editorial Board of the Journal of Music Technology and Education. He was lead organizer of two international workshops on Music and HCI, one at CHI 2016 in San Jose. He has devised numerous human-centred computing systems and interaction techniques including Harmony Space, the Haptic Bracelets, the Haptic Drum Kit, the Audio GPS, and a new and highly expressive form of interaction, Direct Combination. He has supervised 12 PhD students to completion, and examined 24 PhDs. He is currently co-Investigator on the Innovate-UK funded project, Happie - Creative touch, Design prototyping, and leads a research collaboration with PJ Care Neurological Care Homes.


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