Prof Andrea Zisman

Professor of Computing

Andrea is a Professor of Computing with expertise in the areas of software and service engineering. Her research interests are in adaptation of software systems; traceability of software artefacts and food supply chain; secure software engineering; service engineering, incorporating discovery, adaptation, composition, verification, reputation and trust of services; cloud computing; and IoT-based systems and its applications to food security. Most recently she has been studying how to operationalise human values in software systems and supply chains.

Andrea is principal and co-investigator in various EPSRC, European, and industry funded research projects, including the multidisciplinary EPSRC Internet of Food Things DE Network+ project, the UK Manufacturing Symbiosis DE Network+ project, and the SAUSE: Secure, Adaptive, Usable Software Engineering Platform Grant project.

Andrea holds a Parnas Fellowship from the Irish Software Research Centre (Lero). She has been programme co-chair of major conferences in SE (ASE’05, ETAPS’12, ESEC/FSE’17, ICSE’18 NIER, RE’2020, and ICSE'2022 area chair). She is also vice-chair of the IFIP Working Group 2.9, associate editor of the Journal of Software and Systems; and was associate editor of the IEEE TSE Journal.


software and service engineering


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ALPHAsDrone Identity for Forensic-Ready Investigations


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